The Kitchen Studio

The design that distinguishes THE KITCHEN STUDIO

The need for specialization in the design and production of kitchen and bedroom furniture led to the creation of THE KITCHEN STUDIO. We understand that the renovation and design of kitchen furniture require specialized knowledge, as they have to comply with international norms for functionality and ergonomics.

Experience & Specialization

But beyond design knowledge, experience is required in the renovation process, with awareness of the developments in technology, materials, as well as accessories (drawers, lighting, workbenches, etc.).

Collaborations & Offers

THE KITCHEN STUDIO not only designs and manufactures furniture but also collaborates with Italian furniture houses, thus offering a wide range of proposals to meet any need and budget.

Visit Our Showroom

The designers of THE KITCHEN STUDIO invite you to the specially designed Showroom, both the average consumer and the professional architect, interior designer, and engineer, to discuss your needs and provide customized solutions.